Philip J. Vultaggio

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Philip Vultaggio, Writer/Director/Producer

Philip James Vultaggio is a native New Englander, and after high school attended the University of Southern California Film School. While at USC under the tutelage of the Professor Bernie Kantor, the USC curriculum included attending meetings at Universal Studios twice weekly. This provided the class a unique and rewarding opportunity to study under the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Norman Jewison and Academy Award winner Edith Head and many other film professionals in all aspects of the motion picture business.

In 1975 Phil returned to the East Coast to New York City promoting game shows he created, one of which sold to ABC and became "Family Feud", and an animated revolutionary war comedy entitled "The American Revolution and General Stanley Muppet" in time for the Bicentennial. Upon returning to New England Phil enrolled in writing classes at Harvard University.  At Harvard his writing abilities were honed and sharpened to a fine point. Writing credits include a novel entitled "Ambrose Manor", a dark psychological thriller set in Massachusetts and Maine. A man came into Phil's life a few years before Ambrose Manor that resulted in the writing of his life story "Kalajian" and a documentary entitled "Misak". Also Phil wrote a series of ghost stories, two of which are screenplays "Malevolent Spirits" and "Charlie Rat". Phil recently completed a comedy screenplay entitled "Joey Ravioli". Phil has over twenty-four years of writing and film related experience including at least fifteen years ghost writing screenplays for those who had a good idea but no knowledge of screenplay art form or technique.

After a long period of writing Phil has returned to directing, with "Summer Mourn", a sensitive Civil War ghost story of unrequited love. The story is set in a contemporary graveyard in New England, beautifully filmed with some special effects. There are Civil War battle re-enactment scenes intercut throughout as flashbacks. The film is based on a short story by author Maria Harrison a local writer. The film was shot on Arriflex and after processing was transferred and edited onto a beta broadcast master, which is available for airing. DVD copies are available as well. The film's length is 16minutes.
Services and Equipment: Motion Pictures production, television production, director, producer, screenwriting, ghost screenwriting and teleplays for the majors and independent producers and shows. Motion Picture production, cinematography and sound and editing. Script consultation, rewrites. North Wolf owns motion picture equipment Arriflex and Nagra, mics, lights and a full digital broadcast production 2 Sony cameras PD-150 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Suite editing facility in New Hampshire.

Awards: Created Family Feud it won many daytime Emmys for ABC for several years in the seventies and eighties and still airs in syndication currently.

Credits: 1974 created The Family Game which became "The Family Feud". "Misak" a documentary 1983 PBS and 1993 Cable. "Summer Mourn" short film 1995 cable. Written several independent and major motion pictures as a ghost writer, horror and comedy genres. Currently working to air a national comedy network show entitled "The Funny Papers" available on DVD, ” Making It With…” and “One Shot”.      Years in Business: over 30 years.


Name: Philip James Vultaggio (aka P.J.Tagg)
Most recent work - Genre: Ghost/Horror
- a book of 13 short, and not so short horror/ghost stories entitled, Scary Tales ..more


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